IntroductionYves Calméjane

Yves Calmejane, contemporary French painter.
Expressionist representational landscape and contemporary impressionist.
Produces his works of art purely on the fly, grinds his pigments and coats his paintings.


«... I am happy and proud of you because you are continuing the chain of honest painters who set themselves in front of nature, admire it and try their best to find an equivalence that conveys this emotion of Beauty.
You are making progress and flourishing...» - Jean Arène (painter from the Provençal school)

«There is a beautiful harmony between you and your paintings, a delicate force and a strong sensibility... Your paintings touch me deeply... If there are no "vibrations" between the artist and his work, I will not feel any emotion...» - Isabelle Desternes (Illustrator)

«Yves Calméjane, who has been working since 1970, grinds his pigments and coats his paintings not only to represent vigour, with warmth, but also his Green Provence, with softness and poetry; the easel well set amongst multicoloured flowers» - The Bourbonnais Arts

«You have an exquisite painting and a very beautiful palette. I fondly remember your deep ochre terrains, warm and sweet, your secret valleys and your trunks full of strength and vigour.»
Christian RENARD (painter)

«If there were words to describe Yves Calméjane's painting, those would be "under a spell"... A contemporary artist, his patterns are reproduced as snapshots, personal favourites as he loves to call them... He sets his eyes on the locations and the sceneries and the magic takes effect, with the brush working along with the palette to recreate an unveiled nature through his own prism. A language of emotion, a wise dialectic between Nature and Culture.» - Olivier Barbet (Var matin)

«It is rare to see as much quality of freshness as an authentic vigour in the landscapes of our modern day artists… Calméjane belongs to this school of representative artists who work relentlessly at the drawings and produce their works purely on the fly, always trying to capture a light or an atmosphere and rouse them with sobriety and emotion.» - Isabelle Litschig 2009 (painter)

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Schools and influences

Auguste Chabaud, René Seyssaud, Jean Arène, Marcel Arnaud , Paul Cézanne, Vincent Van Gogh, Gaston Chaissac...


Véronique Paul et Bernard Guillemin

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